Renegado's visceral writing in Outono Selvagem [Wild Autumn] chronicles life. We are all sinners full of vices and virtues that are nothing more than survival attempts. Survive chaos, individualism, and hatred. Bring others closer, after all the struggle for a better world has to be collective.


The provocation contained in Outono Selvagem is actually a reflection of good and evil, and how both are present in each, with many nuances, prevailing in greater or lesser degree according to the choices we make along the way.

Third album from Flávio's discography, Outono Selvagem brings seven unreleased songs - with special guest appearances by Diogo Nogueira and Sérgio Pererê - alongside the other seven tracks from the EP Relatos de Um Conflito Particular . A composition by the rapper himself, Corda Bamba has the debut of the singer Joana Rochael. Check it out!



Flávio Renegado is a Brazilian artist who from the beginning of his career seemed to predict that his songs would travel the world. Born and raised in the community of Alto Vera Cruz, in the city of Belo Horizonte, the state capital of Minas Gerais, in the southeastern Brazil, he named "Do Oiapoque a Nova Iorque – From Oiapoque to New York“ to his first album.

Launched in October 2008, the CD introduced to the public a mix of hip hop with Brazilian, Latin and Jamaican rhythms. Since then, he has won awards such as "revelation artist" (in the Hutúz award) and “Spotlight" (Contigo MPB FM award), and as well traveled throughout Brazil, Europe, Oceania and all of the Americas. He complete this cycle when he presented his great music at the Summer Stage Festival of New York.

The first international tours were crucial for Renegado's to raise his cosmopolitan spirit and result in his second CD, “Minha Tribo é o Mundo - My tribe is the world". Released in November of 2011, the album presents a more urban sound influenced by the multiplicity of the contemporary sonorous movements. Without being bound to geographical limits, his music dialogues with African beats, Caribbean rhythms, textures of American hip hop, the energy of electronic music and the swing of samba, what the brazilians call malandragem.

Also released on vinyl, “Minha tribo é o mundo - My tribe is the world" highlights the plurality of Flávio’s work. Rapper, composer, instrumentalist, poet, actor and community leader, Renegado left the narrow alleys of the Brazilian favela to take the world of assault with his work that takes hip hop out of the ghetto and embraces the most diverse influences.

In 2012, the artist made another European tour (including an artistic residency in England with young creators from different parts of the world), performing in important festivals such as Back2Black (in London and Rio de Janeiro) and established partnerships with diversifyied artists: the Nigerian Nneka, and the Brazilians Mart'nália (one of the best samba singers of the its country) and Fernanda Takai (in a partnership with Guilherme Arantes), as well as participating in Bebel Gilberto's first DVD.

In August 2013, he won the MPB FM (Brazilian Popular Music) Award in the category of highlight of the year and in September he performed at Rock In Rio. In 2014, he released his first live DVD, recorded in Belo Horizonte, his home town, with the artistic direction and set design by Gringo Cardia, musical direction of Liminha and Kassin, video direction by Joana Mazzucchelli, which participated by Rogério Flausino (from the brazilin group Jota Quest), and Sinhá Girls.

In 2015, the artist releases an EP of 7 tracks, titled “Relatos de um Conflito Particular - Reports of a Particular Conflict". His own musical production, with contributions of the Brazilians Alexandre Carlo (Natiruts) and Samuel Rosa (Skank), and two clips already released; "Só Mais Um Dia" (Only One More Da") - with 360º format, and the video clip of the track "Redenção", both directed by Erich Batista and Flávio Renegado.

In 2016, Flávio Renegado hosts the great release of the video clip "Routine", sided with his partner and musician Samuel Rosa, in a traditional bohemian, cultural and intellectual point of the capital of Minas, the Maletta building. In March and April Flávio Renegado emerges in his conflicts related to the 7 sins and 7 virtues, enters the studio with his band and records the 7 virtues telling his story, composing the album of 14 tracks, “Outono Selvagem – Wild Autumn", released by Som Livre.

As the music transforms the live of Flávio Renegado and leads him to circulate throughout Brasil and beyond, it also changes those who are touched by it, remaining the certainty that no one will be indifferent to his works. Not by chance, in recent years he has been with some of the most original artists of the Brazilian music scene, from the great guitarist Toninho Horta to the MPB star Lenine, as well as some acclaimed names of Brazilian music, new and old generation, like Seu Jorge, Maria Alcina, Otto, Bebel Gilberto, Fernando Catatau, Mariana Aydar and others.

Aware of his ability to create and move through different artistic manifestations, he has the perception of not belonging to any specific genre, no definite artistic class, no region. At the same time, it absorbs all and transforms them into art.





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